Snakes alive! Boom season for baby eastern brown snakes


THE number of snakes being caught in the southern suburbs of Adelaide has doubled this year. Snake Catchers Adelaide employee Cory Young said this snake season, which typically runs from October to March, he was …

Baby Eastern brown snake found in child’s lunch box at Hahndorf SA


Fancy a snake for lunch? A frighting discovery was made by a Hahndorf women when she was packing her child’s lunch box in her pantry on Monday 26/2. The women placed an apple and some …

Brown snake bite kills man trying to protect pet dog


In an unfortunate circumstance a┬áman passed away less than an hour after being bitten by a brown snake while trying to protect his pet dog in north-west New South Wales. He went to investigate his …

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The team behind Mapping Megan share their experience using Snakeprotex Snake Protective Gaiters!


Check out the adventure enthusiasts behind Mapping Megan. We are excited to follow their escapades around the world wearing Snakeprotex, protecting themselves in some of the most dangerous snake infested regions of the world! Check …